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Fónfix supports the mobile phone industry in Ireland through the provision of innovative solutions that meet our customers repair, refurbishment, return & recycling needs.

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Our team has grown to over 50 trained technicians repairing over 200,000 repairs a year. We are Ireland's largest repair centre with over 20 years industry experience which is why our clients choose us.


As the premier provider of mobile phone repair services in Ireland, Fónfix is accredited by all the leading manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Sony & Nokia. We process 200,000 repairs annually and our customers include leading mobile phone networks, retailers, corporates and insurance companies. We have built a robust service proposition for our customers that consistently delivers fast turnaround times with the highest quality repairs . We have also developed a range of systems that allow our customers to track the progress of their repairs and to monitor our performance against agreed target service levels.


Our highly experienced technicians specialise in the refurbishment of handsets. Fónfix helps our partners extract the maximum value from their pre-used stock through refurbishment, using only the highest quality OEM parts. We also use industry leading data sanitisation software solutions to ensure that all refurbished handsets are data cleansed during the refurbishment process.

Value Recovery

We specialise in value recovery of multiple stock categories including damaged and end of life products. Fónfix can extract the maximum possible amount from these units by categorising them and then selectively refurbishing or selling the product to our comprehensive network of worldwide contacts. Trade-in , corporate disposal of handsets , data sanitisation & value recovery.


Product Trade-In & Recycling

We provide a full service offering that includes the following elements:

  • Management of trade-in value of product range (circa 200 models)
  • Logistics support to all retail locations and enterprise
  • Disposal of trade-in
  • Screening of trade-in’s to confirm that return criteria has been
  • Management of commercial

Forensic removal of all data from devices using a software tool called Pervacio.

  DOA & Products Returns Management

We have developed smart tools that support the operation of an effective product returns process for our partners . This includes the provision of IT applications for logging and tracking product returns. The use of these applications increases compliance with OEM returns criteria and reduces their exposure to costs relating to non-compliance.





Why Fónfix


  • Full suite of manufacturer accreditation's including: Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel & Motorola
  • Repair management web application
  • Rapid repair turnaround
  • SMS repair updates service
  • On-line non-warranty repair images
  • 99% spares availability
  • Customer care support via status reports, text updates & knowledge base
  • Innovative packaging solutions
  • Live reporting web application

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If you are a corporate customer or want to find out more about our reverse logistic solutions or for any other query please contact us.